Monday, 27 April 2015  
Shooting in Sacramento area prompts lockdown of nearby schools

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - A woman was shot and wounded along a major thoroughfare of a Sacramento suburb on Monday, prompting a security alert and lockdown of nearby schools while police searched for the suspect, a Sacramento County sheriff's spokeswoman said.

From Dish Washer to Franchise Owner--to Target

Amir Siddiqi, WSJ
In 1985 I left my home in Pakistan at age 19 and came to the United States with the help of an uncle. I considered this my best chance to start a life away from the government control and corruption that troubled my country. That proved true. Through hard work, I learned to run restaurants and I now own dozens of stores as a franchisee. But the National Labor Relations Board is threatening to upend my business model by muddling the distinction between local franchisees like me and the national brands affiliated with them.


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Insider View of Obsessive Sneaker Collectors gets Friendly Documentary

If you know what "Pigeon Dunk" refers to then you are probably a sneakerhead, that is a fanatical collector of snearkers as I learned recently from David Friendly’s fascinating documentary "Sneakerheadz," which premiered at South by Southwest (SXSW) and will be turning up in theaters in August. "Pigeon Dunk" are a pair of limited edition Nike sneakers designed by Jeff Staple that are very collectible and worth about $6000 today if you can find them.


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