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Oregon marijuana fans look to cash in on new law

PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) - More than a thousand marijuana enthusiasts and entrepreneurs met in Oregon on Friday to swap samples, contacts and business tips in hopes of profiting from the state's new law allowing the recreational use of pot.

Pilot killed in Colorado medical helicopter crash

The pulot was killed and two other people were injured when a medical helicopter exploded and burst into flames during takeoff near Frisco, Colorado, according to officials.


Shark pulled out of water on North Carolina beach

An angler in North Carolina caught more than he bargained for when a shark appeared on the other end of the line. Two bystanders managed to snap photos and videos of the whole ordeal.


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Medical helicopter crashes in Colorado
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Europe's Many Economic Disasters

Paul Krugman, New York Times
It’s depressing thinking about Greece these days, so let’s talk about something else, O.K.? Let’s talk, for starters, about Finland, which couldn’t be more different from that corrupt, irresponsible country to the south. Finland is a model European citizen; it has honest government, sound finances and a solid credit rating, which lets it borrow money at incredibly low interest rates.


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Medical Supply Depot. Your Comfort. Delivered.

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